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Welcome to the Quality Reporting Registry

It’s MIPS and QPP Reporting Time with Feedback for you Year Round! Get Started with Suncoast by registering and signing up below.  Follow the link below and on the registration page for pricing, descriptions, and instructions.  Or just register at the “Sign up” page below and we will contact you. Signup Form is good for 2020  pricing descriptions and explains our forms interactions at http://www.TotalRevenueCycle.com   Use Suncoast RHIO as your MIPS Registry and see our special promotion at http://www.VirtualGroupGateway.com  Form Virtual Groups with us by using this link to contact us and get an overview.  Then, use this same link later to access your group once it is CMS approved.  In addition, SaferMD and Hawkins Foundation are working in collaboration with Suncoast RHIO Qualified QPP Registry for MIPS Reporting under MACRA for specialty QCDR.   For Suncoast Signup, you will be asked the following as you go through process. But first, just Signup!: (Note: When you use the “Signup” form below in step 1, you will have a second link to our pricing and descriptions page)

  1. Online SIGNUP will establish your logon credentials, after filling out the signup form,  you will receive your credentials and hear back from us within 24 hours.
  2. You will then be prompted to use your new id and click the boxes within the Suncoast Repository HIE on the following materials stating you agree with our terms.

At some point after we speak, the following forms, supplied by us, will be needed – or you may check  a simple “I Agree” box on our Repository with your new login ID:

  1. A “Use and Terms” Agreement
  2. A Business Associate Agreement
  3. A Consent Form
  4.  A Work Order
  5. Then, we will ask you to answer a few short questions for us to validate your eligibility and readiness
  6. After that, we will help you choose 1 or more of our supported methods of getting your data to us
    1. Portal Data Entry
    2. Download and fill in a spreadsheet on your own time with our instructions
    3. EHR Direct Data with a QRDA3 file supplied to us from your certified EHR product
    4. EHR Report or eCQM from your EHR Files, CCDA
    5. A CSV (Comma Separated Value) File for use with our CMS API (Application Program Interface) Token
    6. Send us Billing Data for the number of months of performance (837 Method)

You can always go to the Contact Us tab and send us your questions and we will be in touch with you If you are ready to begin to practice with our spreadsheet intake method, please start below for intake. Use your assigned account, download, spreadsheet and when done, use upload options to place in our secure repository. Do not try to use the below “signup” form before you create an account.  Go To Number 1 above instead,                                                                                                                                        “DO NOT USE THE WHITE BUTTON BELOW IN GREEN BANNER FOR SIGN UP!” :  FOLLOW “SIGNUP” HYPERLINK ON NUMBER 1