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Partners and 3rd Parties, Affiliates and Corporate Friends – Coming Soon, “Prior Authoization, Patient Price Estimates, Price Transparancy”

Suncoast RHIO has Affiliate and Operating Company Subsidiary relationships with the following: Rural Healthnet Consortia, Inc.Health Hub, Inc.  Below is a listing of organizations having a partnership, reseller, or cooperative relationship with SunCoast RHIO. This listing will soon be moving to its own website called “Suncoast RHIO Optional Products and Services” and pointed to by a link on this and our home page.  This is in support of our new “All Things Electronic” mission to you.  We want to thank all of the companies, organizations, and people who are clients. And to especially thank our original members – those physicians & hospitals who supported us in our early days and remain with us today. Call us for potential discounts and/or support on any of our re-seller partners: